App Developer vs AI: Who owns the future?

App development

AI this word is now the talk of the town. Ai created a storm in the tech world with its release and recent developments. Recently Devin AI a software development AI tool created a buzz in the software development industry that claimed that it could make software independently. This made people think Can this tool […]

Generative AI: A blessing or Curse for your business ?

Generative AI

Generative AI is a term we all are now aware of. In the past few months, every company has been trying to somehow automate their processes through AI. Though AI, increases productivity and helps reduce costs, there are some disadvantages of it as well. Every new technology has two sides one is favorable and another […]

Harness the Power of AI in Web development

AI in web development

Artificial intelligence is a word that every one of us is now aware of or has at least heard once in a conversation. It is slowly and gradually changing the dynamics of technology. AI is now not a thing of the past. It’s here. It is a new reality. Many industries have started seeing its […]

OpenAI’s Sora: Bridging the Gap Between Text and Video

Ai impact on World

Last week tech and design industry woke up and witnessed the greatest evolution in AI technology which is the improved and updated Open AI Sora. If you still unaware of what is sora? Don’t worry besties! We have got covered. So imagine Sora like a magic tool that can create a marvelous video with just […]

Unlocking Growth: How AI Will Supercharge Your Ecommerce Brand

In recent years, AI has grown and improved tremendously. From optimizing logistics to composing art, so many industries have benefited from using AI. As per CAGR, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow at the rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. E-commerce brands face many challenges, such as managing a database of […]