Graphic Trends

Decoding the Future: Have a look at Graphic Design trends for 2024

Being a graphic designer requires you to play with different color palettes, illustrations and textures, and as well as you need to be updated with the latest trends in the field. Constantly updating yourself with the trends lets you know what your clients or audience will like, allows you to push your boundaries, brush up your skills, and helps you update your graphic design portfolio. Getting familiar with new ideas will give you more exposure in the field. In the article, we will have a look at some of the trends that will rule the graphic design field in 2024:


Hand-drawn doodles on the photographs are grabbing the attention of people on social media. What’s interesting about this design is that it’s quirky and gives a more humanistic touch to the photographs, making them look cute and authentic. Recently, many companies have started putting doodled photographs on their social media pages that people really like. It gives images a more friendly and approachable look. 

AI+ Design

Another popular trend for 2024 could be the usage of AI in graphic design. Whether it’s Sora, Bard, or mid-journey, we have seen how these AI models can tremendously generate designs after taking prompts from designers. These illustrations look almost similar to the ones which are created by graphic designer, giving a new direction to digital art. It will provide new ways for graphic designers for creative expression. Ai will eventually be a productivity booster for the designers as well. 

 Bold minimalism

Another trend that is going to be back this year is bold minimalism. The idea behind this trend is that designers Experiment with boldness in a minimalist design this will give the design a funky and aesthetic look. This will allow designers to play with a vibrant color palette while following the rules of minimalistic design.


Are you also the one who used to have a cute scrapbook in childhood and used to paste your favorite image cutouts from magazines or newspapers or Polaroid pictures on the scrapbook? Well, this trend is back this year. Scrapbooking gives a glimpse of an individual’s interests. Giving you all a nostalgia of your childhood, many brands have started implementing this trend in digital format. Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” in 2023 celebrated user listening habits with personalized and shareable graphics that felt like customized digital scrapbooks. Each user received a unique collage of their top artists, genres and songs, complete with playful illustrations and witty captions.

Nature Inspired designs 

People have now started connecting to nature again, realizing how important nature is for all of us. This can reflected in this year’s trends as well. Nature-inspired designs or illustrations are gaining popularity among the audience of social media. Using natural or earth tones like earthy browns, soft greens, warm yellows, gentle blues and delicate pink colors or using rough wood textures in your digital designs could make your design stand out. 

After looking at the trends of this year, it feels like it’s all a mix of vintage and fresh trends. From designs generated by AI tools to bringing back the aesthetics of your childhood nostalgia, this year has a lot to offer. So look into these trends, try them out, push your boundaries and shine like a diamond in the graphic design field.