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Short-Form Videos, Big Results : How to Boost Engagement?

Do you like watching Instagram reels or YouTube shorts? Do you love spending your free time watching short-form content? If your answer is YES! Then, you are not alone. As per the survey done by Yaguara.co Instagram users spent an average of 53 minutes on short-form videos. Well this gives opportunities to marketers and businesses to promote their products and services. Today, we will discuss why short-form content is key to success for brands and their marketing strategy in this digital era.

  • Grabs Attention

Social media users’ attention span is very short. Recently, Microsoft conducted a study in which it was revealed that humans have an attention span of less than 9 seconds. So, as a marketer or business owner, you have very little time to grab the attention of your potential consumers. Thus, making short form videos will be your savior here. They grab the attention of users quickly. Another important point to consider is that, here just creating a short content is not enough; the content should be interesting and should be relatable to your consumers.

  • Easy to share 

Short-form content, being mobile-friendly, tends to be easily shareable among people. When you create an engaging and entertaining short-form video, people love to share it with other people. This increases the chances of going viral, which in turn increases your visibility. Do you know? 47% of marketers say short-form videos have more chances to go viral. (Source: Hubspot)

  • Cost-effective

Short-form content is cost-effective. They take less amount of time to produce and need fewer resources as well. This helps markets and brands have an advantage in creating engaging and attention-grabbing content while maintaining tight budget plans. ( Need help in content marketing? You can trust us with it. Techgeekz is a digital marketing agency in Surat with expertise in marketing, design, and web and app development)

  • Get more conversions and sales

Using short-form videos to show your products or creating awareness about the brand builds trust among your social media users. As per HubSpot survey, around 80% of marketers who utilized video saw increased sales. Thus, giving another strong argument in favor of short form content marketing. 

Tips for making Engaging short-form videos

  • Pay attention to what is trending on social media platforms. Make content on those topics so that you can stay ahead of the curve.
  • Use relevant and trending hashtags for Instagram reels or for YouTube shorts. Ensure to use hashtags that are platform-specific. 
  • Try to be consistent with your posting schedules. When you post consistently the algorithm favors you and pushes your content ahead. Your audience will find it engaging and will look forward to your content. 
  • Keep your short and to the point.


Short-form video content provides a great opportunity for marketers and brands to showcase their products and services to larger people. It’s trendy and engaging your audience loves it. So what are you waiting for Grab your phone and start making short-form videos and see your brand reaching new heights of growth.