Neuromarketing: The science behind effective marketing

Neuromarketing is a discipline that is a mixture of marketing and neuroscience. In simple words, Neuromarketing means the strategy to implement knowledge of marketing and behavior science to determine the needs, and preferences of the consumers. Have you seen an advertisement that has a product that you found appealing or you found the packaging of the product too cute? If your answer is yes, neuromarketing could be the reason for it. 

Why Neuromarketing is important?

  • With neuromarketing, marketers could get insights about human preferences and craft their ads per those insights.
  • It will help marketers decide which part of advertisements are working better or which part of advertisements increases human engagement.
  • It will help them analyze how the human brain reacts to product features. With this improvements could be made in the products.
  • More customized and targetted ads could be made, which help brands and businesses to get more sales and conversions.
  • Discover about what factors influence humans to buy a product or not buy 

Let’s Talk about its Disadvantages 

  • Implementing neuromarketing as a strategy is quite expensive for many businesses. Good-quality data is not readily available. 
  • Your consumers may think that you are intruding on their privacy digitally, so they could opt-out from purchasing your products or could sue you. 
  • There are many myths about this strategy; one of them is that neuromarketing is going into people’s minds and manipulating them to purchase your products. However, this is completely wrong. But you can’t go and explain all these things to every consumer. 


Though Neuromarketing has faced criticism for being an unethical practice, many people thought that neuromarketing can manipulate consumer behavior which is incorrect. Companies and brands use it to improve their products, advertisements, services, and packaging customer satisfaction. Though neuromarketing can help you achieve your business goals, it’s disadvantages can’t be ignored as well. So our take on this strategy is that you can use it as a strategy to boost your growth but it should be in a moderate as well as in an ethical way so that you achieve your targets without intruding on the privacy of your consumers. 

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