Unhinged marketing

What is Unhinged Marketing ? Why it is trending ?

Have you come across some brand accounts on social media that showcase their most authentic and raw self or a reel from a brand that stuck in your mind and was also relatable? Well, those brands are unhinged brand accounts. Recently, the trend of unhinged marketing could be seen in the marketing field. Duoling’s content strategy is the most popular of unhinged marketing.  So technically, unhinged marketing means bold and unconventional strategies to grab the attention of their customers. 

Let’s talk about why unhinged marketing is trending. 

  • Breaking the norm

Unhinged marketing tactics by brands have now become the talk of the town. Many of us are aware of how Zomato notifications every now and then become viral because of how funny, relatable, and engaging they are. This makes people awestruck by their content strategy. Apart from Zomato Duolingo, Instagram reels also gain millions of views because their reels are on trending topics, funny and raw, which engages Gen Z. And we know that Gen Z doesn’t like boring content. Gen Z loves to consume content that is not fabricated and is out of the box, yet not so normal. 

  • Become the winner of the authenticity race

The more real you are, the more people will resonate with your brand. People now love to see the unpolished and authentic side of any brand. Now, being authentic builds trust among the audience, and this ultimately leads to a stronger position in social media platforms. 

  • Cutting through the noise

Social media is filled with millions of brands running in a race to get the attention of their potential customer; along with it, the social media platform’s algorithms are unpredictable as well. In all of these mountains on the road to making your brand successful, unhinged marketing is like a neon board highlighting your content, which has the potential to attract your audience. 

In conclusion, Unhinged marketing, without a doubt, is a great strategy to accelerate the growth of your brand on social media platforms. However, one thing that should be considered is that there is a fine line between being unconventional and being offensive. There are many cases where brands have horribly failed because of their content being offensive to certain people, so ensure that your strategy should be made that is fun, engaging, and relatable but not offensive.