Generative AI

Generative AI: A blessing or Curse for your business ?

Generative AI is a term we all are now aware of. In the past few months, every company has been trying to somehow automate their processes through AI. Though AI, increases productivity and helps reduce costs, there are some disadvantages of it as well. Every new technology has two sides one is favorable and another is not so favorable. In this article we will discuss why AI is not good for your business in long-run:

1. The absence of Originality: Generative AI excels at creating new content, but it’s important to remember it doesn’t create from scratch. It remixes existing data, raising concerns about originality and attribution. Overreliance on generative AI could stifle true creative exploration.

2. Bias in the Machine: AI models are trained on vast datasets, and those datasets can reflect societal biases. This can lead to generated content that perpetuates stereotypes or reinforces existing inequalities. Long-term use without addressing bias could exacerbate these issues.

3. Difficulty in identifying Fake Content: Generative AI tools like Sora, are allegedly producing hyper-realistic images and videos. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate between real pictures and images. It could lead to a lack of trust in the source of information. 

4. Loss of creativity skills: Overreliance on generative AI for tasks like writing or designing could lead to a loss in critical thinking and human creativity abilities. Long-term, this could hamper our ability to solve problems. We would not be able to think of solutions or ideas which are out of the box. 


Generative AI, no doubt is a great tool for doing repetitive tasks which are time-consuming. However, it is not going to give sustainable results in the long run for your business. Using it for designs and writing references is fine but creating content through it or just relying on it for all your tasks is eventually gonna harm the business. So, though AI tools may seem to glitter from far away, all that glitters is not gold. Use AI, thoughtfully and in a way that doesn’t hamper the growth of your business.