Why advertising is important ?

Why advertising is important ?

Advertising plays an important part in any business’s growth. It is an effective tool in attracting consumers. Understanding the importance of advertising  is crucial for any brand to achieve success. In the article, we will delve into the reasons why advertising is important.

Brand awareness

Advertising helps creating a brand awareness for your business. Through this you can let your consumers know about latest deals, new features and launches of brand. In another words it tell your consumer important updates of brands. Recently Amul used CGI animation to let their potential consumers know that their milk products are now available in US as well. The ad campaign used CGI animation that shares a cup of milk between Amul Girl and Statue of Liberty.

Builds trust

Trust is an important thing in the relationship of consumers and businesses. It helps creating that turst among consumers. It creates a sense of familiarity. 

Sales increase

A great advertising strategy could boost your sales to new levels. An advertisement should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing which convinces your potential consumers to purchase your products and services.

Gives Brand a unique position

With an efficient advertising strategy, you can create a differentiated postion in the market. This way your brand will stand out from the crowd. The more you will be different and convincing the more chances of people purchasing from your brand. In short, it helps you create a brand identity 


Advertising is a great tool when it comes to establishing your brand in a crowded market. It really helps you in building a great brand image and position in the market. It makes easier to reach new consumers. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that be clear with strategy and ensure that it shouldn’t be something by which people could be offended as this is very harmful to your business. Keep a tabon advertising spending as well.  By keeping these few points in check you can easily build an advertising strategy that could unleash potential for growth.