Storytelling- A simple yet Important Marketing Strategy


You see ads, everywhere now, whether you surf on the internet or see personalized ads from many brands in your social feed or on music apps between your songs. All these things are done only to catch your attention so that these brands can sell their product or services to you. But how do your […]

Top 5 Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed in 2024

Marketing skills

The marketing industry has seen huge changes in the last decade. From digital marketing to seeing the incorporation of AI in the marketing field is something which is drastic yet beneficial. As things change in the industry so as the skills required to be successful in that industry. In this article we will discuss what […]

Influencer Marketing: A great strategy for your brand’s growth

Influencer Marketing

Do you have a creator whom you are a fan of, and do you love to buy the products and services they recommend? Well, you are not the only one. People on social media are now bored of traditional ads, and with a bunch of products launching every day, in these heap of advertisements, they […]

What is Unhinged Marketing ? Why it is trending ?

Unhinged marketing

Have you come across some brand accounts on social media that showcase their most authentic and raw self or a reel from a brand that stuck in your mind and was also relatable? Well, those brands are unhinged brand accounts. Recently, the trend of unhinged marketing could be seen in the marketing field. Duoling’s content […]

Performance Marketing: A strategy to boost your business growth

Performance marketing

Performance marketing basically refers to the campaigns for which advertisers pay only when the desired goal is achieved, i.e., conversion or clicks. It is a very straightforward approach. You pay when you see the results. It gives the flexibility to measure and analyze which of your campaign is working and which is not. This makes […]

Neuromarketing: The science behind effective marketing


Neuromarketing is a discipline that is a mixture of marketing and neuroscience. In simple words, Neuromarketing means the strategy to implement knowledge of marketing and behavior science to determine the needs, and preferences of the consumers. Have you seen an advertisement that has a product that you found appealing or you found the packaging of […]

Short-Form Videos, Big Results : How to Boost Engagement?

Social Media

Do you like watching Instagram reels or YouTube shorts? Do you love spending your free time watching short-form content? If your answer is YES! Then, you are not alone. As per the survey done by Yaguara.co Instagram users spent an average of 53 minutes on short-form videos. Well this gives opportunities to marketers and businesses […]

Beyond the City Lights: Reaching Hearts and Growing business in Rural Markets

Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing is the latest trend in the marketing industry. After keeping the city consumers the centre of focus for several years, the brands and marketers are now seeing the untapped potential and growth opportunity in Rural markets and Communities. It’s important to note that, in rural areas, people have different preferences, and it’s necessary […]